10 All-Time Best William Shatner Musical Performances

10 best William Shatner musical performances on YouTube 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Buy his new album now at  www.reKiosk.com/shatner and get a 25% discount using the promo code ‘MYSTERY’ —— Say what’s up to Leila on twitter! @leilamclachlan Want a product reviewed or to be on the blog? Email Fiz at Fizzy@rekiosk.com

Buy William Shatner’s Latest Album ‘Ponder The Mystery’ Now!

William Shatner’s latest album is out! Ponder The Mystery is, in William Shatner’s own words, “the most creative thing I’ve ever done.” We have been rocking it out here at the office and some of the lucky ones here are looking forward to catching him at Comic Con this weekend in NYC! Have you downloaded … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why William Shatner is “THE MAN” Told in GIFs

1) When he’s pissed, he has the fury of 10 dragons. 2) And he’s not going to hesitate in telling you the brutal truth. 3) He’s not afraid to show that he is a human being with deep feelings, who feels things deeply. 4) He’s no stranger to great bromances on and off screen. 5) … Continue reading