REKIOSK REVEIWS: Came to Spit on Your Graves by Vladimir Lorchenkov.

From a cursory glance, you could say that it’s about a “narcissistic drunken prick.” At least that’s what his girlfriend Natasha seems to think of him. But is he really? Maybe there’s another side to him than what meets the eye. Granted the man does have an affinity for smashing beer bottles, gallivanting drunkenly around shady … Continue reading

REVIEW: Everything You Want To Know About TM: Including How To Do It

John White begins with a disclaimer. A word about fairness. The book neither touts TM as a cure-all, as what White says many “spiritual kindergartners” do. Nor does the book denounce it as a “scandalous rip-off, that is bilking the public” as some critics have done. Modestly put, John White simply hopes to “Offer some … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lissie’s ‘Catching a Tiger’

Lissie’s debut album ‘Catching a Tiger’ shows a great start for the young singer-songwriter. She is able to hit the balance between power and restraint, folk and pop. She is able to walk the line, that many artists cannot, where she is not so easily typecasted into the masses of other pop or folk singers … Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Perils’ from All Those Ships

All Those Ships is the creation from musical multi-tasker and mixer Brandon MacNeil. His music is powerfully hypnotic as it takes you on a journey through a universe of different genres. He begins the album with overwhelming drum beat from ‘Avalanche Warnings’ that, for once, puts the vocals in the background as you get taken … Continue reading

Review: Paul Josephs and the Metrosonics’ Strong World

If there’s one thing Paul Josephs and the Metrosonics’ Strong World isn’t, it’s your average background music self released indie album.  Several tracks stand out from this fresh and contemporary—yet at the same time still beholden to classic sounds—record.  From the smooth, bluesy “Mystics” to the reggae and brass laden “Heal Me,” Josephs makes his … Continue reading


This album was made to help you escape the steam pot city and take you to the cool quiet of the open sea. Tennis is made up by the seafaring husband-and-wife team of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. It is clear that they find their inspiration from their love of lonesome sailing trips from, not … Continue reading

Fifth of Bourbon

Fifth of Bourbon’s ‘Voodoo Woman’ is a perfect album for a hot summer down south. Fifth of Bourbon brings some hot covers of some blues and rock n roll classics. There are some powerful, booming, but well controlled  vocals courtesy of lead singer Kathleen Fletcher that will get your heart restarted along with the electrified blues … Continue reading

Staff Pick

One of the most underappreciated albums released last year is that of Big Sleep’s “Nature Experiments”. The Big Sleep’s punk rock history in his past albums has evolved into the more refined and addicting hypnotic alt rock that is, appropriately titled, Nature Experiments. With standout songs like “Four Wishes” and “Valentine”, this album should have … Continue reading

Staff Pick

Coming up on top this week is Conveyor’s indie pop self-titled album. CoS called it “confident, intricate, and honest” which is clear from its Byzantine experimental nature. This is an album for anyone who is a fan of Animal Collective’s sound. Their ability to fill the ambient space with the huge assortment of different sounds … Continue reading