This Q&A With Askultura Will Make You Smarter!

You guys have a killer presence on stage but one thing people immediately noticed, besides your rocking tunes and good looks, is the size of your band! You guys are a 10-piece band if I’m not mistaken! How does the song writing process work? What is the band dynamic like? First off nice to be … Continue reading

Kid Runner Tell Us What They Are All About In Our Latest Q&A.

What is the greatest struggle you find as independent musicians? The biggest struggle for us is probably promoting ourselves. There are so many aspects to being in a band that you don’t think of! It is really and truly a business…a really fun business. But it’s hard to get your music and image out there … Continue reading

A Letter from Danny of The Big Sleep.

Dear Fiz, How’s it going? Thanks for asking us to do this. I would like to conduct this in the form of a letter, basically meaning I’m going to say a bunch of stuff and kind of ignore the question/answer format. Sorry to take almost exactly a month getting back to your last email. I don’t like to … Continue reading

Speaking With Alexander M. Dake on Cosimo Books, Supporting Independent Publishing, and The Current Digital Landscape.

Cosimo Books carries a vast array of authors and covers many subject area’s. Can you tell us more about your process in choosing authors and books? Well, we look at the quality of content and the authors’ potential for promoting their books effectively. Content-wise, we look for subjects containing valuable and innovative ideas for society, … Continue reading

Interview with Dan DelVecchio – Lead Guitarist of Face The King

This year you were voted the “Best Band of Long Island,” by the Long Island Press Magazine… congratulations!  How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together and how does it feel to get this kind of recognition?  Thank you! Since the band started in 2009, we’ve gone through 2 lineup changes and … Continue reading

Speaking With Travis Nichols

‘The More You Ignore Me’ tackles a lot of important and current themes regarding the internet and its uses. How do you feel about Social Media Platforms and their ever- increasing influence on our daily lives? I woke up last night at about 4 thinking about something I needed to Skype over to my colleagues … Continue reading

Q&A with Programmable Animal

– On the Bio page of your website you say ‘music is one of the most profound ways of relating empathy’ can you tell us more about your goals as musicians and what inspires you? Our goal is to make music that others can relate to and enjoy. Music has always been an outlet where … Continue reading

Q&A With Author Laird Hunt

I was once told by an author that he only feels his book is successful when he finds a bootleg version of it somewhere in the world! With the ever increasing demand for ebooks how do you feel about piracy and the impact it has on the book industry? I sort of get the feeling … Continue reading

Q&A with Friend Roulette

– How do you listen to music?  What’s the setup like in your house and do you feel like there’s a big difference between digital and analog sound? Julia: We love hanging around living rooms and listening to music, analog or digital… at matt’s house we listen to vinyl super slow.   The magic of … Continue reading

Q&A with Little Tybee

– What are some of the challenges you have faced as independent musicians? The music world feels chaotic and disheartening at times but, over the years, we have learned to be less concerned with how society views success and more with how we have progressed as artists. What used to be an industry circled around … Continue reading