10 Reasons reKiosk is for Students

10 Reasons reKiosk is for Students 1) If you have english or philosophy, and you’re studying the classics, reKiosk will probably have your texts for free. Think of what you could do with the money you save from not having to buy Shakespeare’s collective works. 2) You can keep track of the books and music … Continue reading

10 Steps to Making Friends with reKiosk

10 Steps to Making friends with reKiosk 1) Sometimes it’s hard going back to school 2) Especially when you have to deal with a whole new crowd of people 3) And there are so many you can’t stand 4) But reKiosk can help save the day 5) The best escape is sometimes to get away … Continue reading

Interview with SoUnD WaVeS

What is the greatest struggle you find as independent musicians? Finding an equal balance, between my day job & music producing till the late hours, as I am doing so on this interview, jk. But on the lighter side, I do get to experience the great feeling to start something from scratch, like a small … Continue reading

Lil’ B Will Save Us All

Here is a popular narrative about the state of subcultures today: The internet killed them all. The odd or extreme groups that flourished in the 70s and 80s and 90s, the ones that gave us hardcore and no-wave, mods and rockers and, eventually, hip hop and house are, in the 00s, gone. They’ve been replaced … Continue reading

Sitting Down With Danny Schechter

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Danny Schechter. Danny is a well known television producer, independent filmmaker, blogger, and media critic . We discuss the following questions with Danny and more.  Are we moving towards a more monitored and restricted information culture or a more open one? Who benefits from the monitoring of … Continue reading

Speaking with Robert Atkinson

What made you interested in studying people’s life stories? Well, that really goes back to my childhood. One of the defining moments of my life was when my grandmother came to live with us for part of the year when I was 9 years old. I enjoyed having her with us and was intrigued by … Continue reading

Speaking With Peter Robbins Author of ‘Left At East Gate’

You have had a fascinating career. How did you first get involved with UFO research? I became involved in this fascinating field in my late twenties following the return of a childhood memory. When we were kids my sister Helen and I observed 5 disc-shaped craft above a neighbor’s house where we grew up on … Continue reading

REVIEW: Everything You Want To Know About TM: Including How To Do It

John White begins with a disclaimer. A word about fairness. The book neither touts TM as a cure-all, as what White says many “spiritual kindergartners” do. Nor does the book denounce it as a “scandalous rip-off, that is bilking the public” as some critics have done. Modestly put, John White simply hopes to “Offer some … Continue reading

Speaking With Alexander M. Dake on Cosimo Books, Supporting Independent Publishing, and The Current Digital Landscape.

Cosimo Books carries a vast array of authors and covers many subject area’s. Can you tell us more about your process in choosing authors and books? Well, we look at the quality of content and the authors’ potential for promoting their books effectively. Content-wise, we look for subjects containing valuable and innovative ideas for society, … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lissie’s ‘Catching a Tiger’

Lissie’s debut album ‘Catching a Tiger’ shows a great start for the young singer-songwriter. She is able to hit the balance between power and restraint, folk and pop. She is able to walk the line, that many artists cannot, where she is not so easily typecasted into the masses of other pop or folk singers … Continue reading