Why We Should Care About DRM

Why we should care about Digital Rights Management (DRM)

What is DRM? you may ask.

Digital Rights Management is a series of technologies that limit your rights to do what you like with your digital media beyond copyright laws.



Which is why, whenever you try to share your music with others on iTunes, it asks for your Apple ID.


What other companies partake in this limitation of digital media? Only Amazon, AT&T, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Sony… and the list goes on.


But you don’t have to deal with DRM technology limiting your rights to listen to the music, and reading the ebooks you love. So stop putting up with it…


Live and DRM-free life by downloading from Anti-DRM sites so you can be free to share your music and ebook love with all your friends just like you should in the first place.


Check out reKiosk for great Anti-DRM ebooks and music!

Here’s an official guide to starting your new Anti-DRM life: https://www.defectivebydesign.org/guide/

By Leila Mclachlan


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