REKIOSK REVEIWS: Came to Spit on Your Graves by Vladimir Lorchenkov.


From a cursory glance, you could say that it’s about a “narcissistic drunken prick.” At least that’s what his girlfriend Natasha seems to think of him. But is he really? Maybe there’s another side to him than what meets the eye. Granted the man does have an affinity for smashing beer bottles, gallivanting drunkenly around shady dive bars, and, well, grave robbing —also grave-spitting — But, maybe all is not as it seems with this unnamed protagonist. The suffering star of Lorchenkov’s short story.  There might be a vestige of humanity in him yet. But who knows?

It’s the story of a tortured man — bulimic, drunken, generally sardonic — and his vehement quest for riches. He looks for these riches in the graves of dead soldiers. Not immediately thinking ‘good guy’? Well, okay yes, he is shady. But he has a soft side too. Right? I mean he listens to Bach. C’mon! and although he spits on graves, he does cry for the mother of the departed as he does so. So not all bad. But I don’t know quite yet. It might merit a re-read. Or a re-re-read. One thing is for sure. This guy is strange. So you tell me! Is he a torn misunderstood soul, or is Natasha right?

By Luke Soloway

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