10 Reasons reKiosk is for Students

10 Reasons reKiosk is for Students

1) If you have english or philosophy, and you’re studying the classics, reKiosk will probably have your texts for free. Think of what you could do with the money you save from not having to buy Shakespeare’s collective works.


2) You can keep track of the books and music you read and listen to and share them with your friends either on reKiosk or on Facebook and Twitter.


3) You can help support independent publishers and record companies while earning yourself some money on the side just by reKiosking goods on your own kiosk.


4) If you’re an aspiring writer or musician, you can put up your work, set your own price, and earn some money by selling your own pet projects

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5) When you are stumped for a present for the roommate you’ve known for a month, you can give the gift of a hot new album fresh from Brooklyn, or an eBook from their favorite publisher or author.


6) Let people know what great taste you have on Facebook and Twitter so you never have to answer the question; what’s your favorite ebook/band?


7) Go beyond the mainstream to find some of the coolest independent bands that will make your hipster friends jealous.


8) You can be confident that everything you buy on reKiosk supports the actual authors of the books you read and the artists of the music you listen to.


9) It’s free and super easy and quick to set up your own account. And you can change your username at any time. So, if you decide to be an author one day and a musician the next, you can let all your followers know.

10) Did I mention it was free?! What more do you need?!


By Leila Mclachlan


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