Interview with SoUnD WaVeS

What is the greatest struggle you find as independent musicians?

Finding an equal balance, between my day job & music producing till the late hours, as I am doing so on this interview, jk. But on the lighter side, I do get to experience the great feeling to start something from scratch, like a small thought, and make it bloom into a musical reality.

For musicians like yourselves do you think piracy is bad, good, or irrelevant?

Its has been an issue since the Napster era, so at this time, I tend to be neutral in the sense that, I prefer to release my music at no price. When I got to see the big picture, thinking outside of my own small town, and seeing your production being recognized for what it is, from across the world by downloads/fans, is what makes me, move forward on my small idea, and making it real, one day at a time, I think its called, simply making music for the passion of it 🙂

526755_259511500850812_424501090_nWhat is your relationship as artists with technology?

I welcome it, and indulge in it. My music production is all based on the use of my Mac, along with other softwares, its unavailable to be able to create such addicting beats, as your nodding your head to the beat of the music your producing, its what makes it fun & allows you to express my creativity to the full extent, always wanting more !

What music do you listen to when you are having a great day?

I like most genres of music, but on a good day, you will find me listening to some good Electronica/EDM, something along the lines of Calvin Harris. Although there is a wide variety of styles within the electronic dance music genre, I will admit I have always enjoyed a good “deep house thump” on the drive to work, lol.

What is some advice you would give a newly formed band?

Sometimes its hard to find someone as passionate as yourself about putting in the time and dedication to your project/band, so be picky on who you work with, when forming a band or on a future project. It will save you from much un-needed stress. And always push forward even though things don’t exactly go your way, you’ll see.

What do you have planned for the future?

Funny you ask, but I just recently released a new single titled: We’re down to get down ft. Renae Arias a talented female vocalist with a luscious voice, single now available on reKiosk, and also will be having a music video coming out in the next few weeks for this single, so don’t miss it and subscribe to SoUnD WaVeS-official YouTube channel. You can also check out the music video to the single: “Breakdancing to my heartbeat”, the story of two complete strangers

IMG_0964and how they meet, then become friends and find that they both share something in common, the love for music and dancing, now on YouTube, single also available on reKiosk. Apparel worn by SoUnD WaVeS-is available.

Shout out to everyone for your support!

How important do you think it is for a band to be engaged with their fans on social media?

On every article I have read, it always stresses on how important it is to do so. Which I agree highly with, and always keep a line of communication through a variety of social networks, also search for those credible music related connections like reKiosk, that I can always add to my circle. Make sure to connect with SoUnD WaVeS official via his social networks:


Check out ‘Breakdancing to my heartbeat’ the music vIdeo.

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Breakdancing to my heartbeat-Album Cover


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