Speaking With Peter Robbins Author of ‘Left At East Gate’

You have had a fascinating career. How did you first get involved with UFO research?

I became involved in this fascinating field in my late twenties following the return of a childhood memory. When we were kids my sister Helen and I observed 5 disc-shaped craft above a neighbor’s house where we grew up on Long Island. I guess its fair to say that until that point I believed what the ‘adult world’ had always put forward, namely that they were nonsense, and anyone who ‘believed’ in them was not to be taken seriously. I became involved in ufology on the day Helen and I first spoke about our shared memory, more than fourteen years after the fact.

Beside’s your very successful book ‘Left At East Gate’ what other books would you recommend people who are interested in learning more about this subject?

Thank you for that. There are many fine books on the subject of UFOs, depending on what specific area of interest you may have regarding this subject. The work of Donald Keyhoe, one of the field’s great pioneering writers is a good place to start. On this history of the subject – and its interface with Post War History, the writing of Timothy Good and Richard M. Dolan. UFO related abductions? Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs and Kathleen Marden. Nick Redfern has written on a wide variety of UFRO related topics. On Roswell, go to the books of Stanton T. Friedman, Donald Schmitt and Thomas Carey. Some other assorted titles that should be in any good UFO library are “Fire in the Sky” by Travis Walton, “Firestorm” by Ann Druffel, “The Andreasson Affair” by Raymond Moody, “Faded Giant” by Robert Salas and James Klotz, and “Incident At Exeter” by John Fuller.

Left At East Gate- reKioskWhat can you tell us about the UFO community in general? What are some common misconceptions out there about UFO research and UFO culture?

The individuals in the field vary wildly – in their approach to research, their beliefs and motivations. They run from the self trained to the ultra professional; from the ultra-pragmatic to the mystical and spiritually inclined. Many folks expect that we are primarily composed of outsiders and fringe-types, but I expect they would be surprised to find so many competent, articulate, intelligence and courageous participants in this area of study. While some of what is put forward as evidence by some researchers is certainly open to question, there is much in the way of evidence, and of all types, which can stand up under the most rigorous ‘cross examination.’

In publishing any book, an author opens themselves up to certain criticisms — let alone publishing books on UFOs. How do you deal with / respond to critics and do you have any advice to young authors out there who may be entering the field?

I do my best to stay focused on my work, only responding to criticism when I feel that such a response is warranted – and in such cases always make sure to be specific in refuting inaccurate criticism. Anyone choosing to enter into public life as a writer or author should be prepared to take some knocks, and even to learn from them when possible. But otherwise be true to yourself, write for yourself and those who you want to reach, and enjoy the process as much as possible. At least part of the discipline of writing should be its own reward.

Has advancements in technology made life easier or harder to do your job? Any technology in particular that’s been a game-changer?

Well, when I began working on “Left At East Gate” with Larry Warren I was working on an IBM Selectric typewriter (and a great machine it was too!), but our reliance on computers has changed my, and every other life I know. I’m not much of a tech-head, in fact I’m pretty much a pc idiot, but when comparing the production of a manuscript and other writer-oriented tasks, technology has made my life easier, if less romantic.. 🙂

And finally, a question I have been asking myself for as long as I can remember… are we alone?

The answer to your question is, no.


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