REVIEW: Everything You Want To Know About TM: Including How To Do It

profile_9781616406424John White begins with a disclaimer. A word about fairness. The book neither touts TM as a cure-all, as what White says many “spiritual kindergartners” do. Nor does the book denounce it as a “scandalous rip-off, that is bilking the public” as some critics have done. Modestly put, John White simply hopes to “Offer some useful comments, to the public who are being exposed to the TM message, and offers to put [that message] into some perspective.” With neither overwhelming laud nor derisive condemnation, White delivers an evenhanded account of the pros, the cons, the benefits, and even mentions, realistically, what may be the unsubstantiated embellishments cited by many practitioners of the practice known as Transcendental Meditation; A Practice that in the United States currently has accrued over 580,000 followers, most who claim to benefit both mentally and physically from the art. Transcendental Meditation is a practice handed down to Marahashi Yogi by his own spiritual Guru, a man known as guru Dev.

John White does precisely what he proposes to do: imparts some well-researched, yet realistic, perspective. With a down to earth sense of practicality, White shows both the verifiable benefits of Transcendental Meditation, while simultaneously admitting that many practitioners of the art may be, in fact, guilty of exaggerations, and suggests that the reader decide for themselves. In ‘Everything You Want To Know About TM: Including How To Do It’, showcases the techniques of the art, shows you how to practice it yourself, and reveals all the touted benefits, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Yet, White introduces them realistically, while also “inject[ing] skepticism” and “offer[ing] words of caution” to those who may feel tempted to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid. Those who may feel tempted to allow themselves to be fully, and ill advisedly, swallowed up by many of the follower’s unbridled zeal. It Is not a magic bullet practice, John White claims, which is the solution for a quick and easy lifestyle perfection. But it may be just what you need!

I, for one, am extremely intrigued by Whites comprehensive, yet accessibly concise explanation of what exactly Transcendental Mediation is, and how it can be implemented into ones’ life as a vital tool for change. And I want to investigate further! So, John White, I tip my hat to you. And so now, I, finding myself with a new curiosity for the art of Transcendental Meditation, leave you with the traditional Transcendental Mediation closing. A word of praise dedicated to Maharishi Mahev Yogi’s own spiritual leader, Guru Dev: Jai Guru Dev! Meaning praise Dev.

By Luke Soloway

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