REVIEW: Lissie’s ‘Catching a Tiger’


‘Catching a Tiger’ by Lissie

Lissie’s debut album ‘Catching a Tiger’ shows a great start for the young singer-songwriter. She is able to hit the balance between power and restraint, folk and pop. She is able to walk the line, that many artists cannot, where she is not so easily typecasted into the masses of other pop or folk singers out there. While mastering the balancing act she is able to also produce some catchy high-energy tunes such as ‘In Sleep’ which is fitted with an addictive chorus and great guitar solo to boot. Then there are songs like ‘Cuckoo’ with the twanging guitar that shows a softer southern side that is just the perfect amount for an indie listener. She is able to introduce subtle elements of different genres to her strong yet flexible voice and make it her own rather than give in completely to the standards of the genre. All-in-all this is a great start for the artist and I’m looking forward to see what is to come from this promising artist.

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Click the Kiosk above to Purchase!

By Leila Mclachlan


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