Your Guide to the reKiosk Pinterest

Your Guide to the reKiosk Pinterest

If you didn’t already know, reKiosk has a Pinterest page, and this week you will hear all about it but I thought I would give you a short and sweet 5 reasons for you to go check it out today.

1. Because we get that loving music and literature isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. So, whether you want to browse through music or check out DIY bookshelf ideas, reKiosk’s Pinterest can keep you entertained for hours.



2. You can check out literature deals so you can get your nose stuck in a good ebook as soon as possible.


3. There’s more to it than the products! The page is perfect for anyone who loves good music and books as much as we do…


4. Maybe to the point where it starts to get a little out of hand…



but we’ve got your back.



5. It’s yet another way to browse through the the music reKiosk has to offer. Whether it be by genre or vibe, you can discover the perfect music playlist you can download for your listening pleasure.



We try to give you a little bit of everything, and our pins and boards are growing every day. So, enjoy everything the page has to offer: comment, like, and repin away!

Check out the Pinterest here

By Leila Mclachlan


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