REVIEW: ‘Perils’ from All Those Ships

profile_cover993All Those Ships is the creation from musical multi-tasker and mixer Brandon MacNeil. His music is powerfully hypnotic as it takes you on a journey through a universe of different genres. He begins the album with overwhelming drum beat from ‘Avalanche Warnings’ that, for once, puts the vocals in the background as you get taken under. The beauty of this album is its ability to go from an electronic-heavy influence to being simple acoustic Irish folk. This contrast of the organic and inorganic is somehow able to work as an album due to the arrangement of these songs. MacNeil is able to develop the perfect musical trip to represent the breadth of what he can achieve. Overall, the album is enjoyable if not purely for the range it’s able to achieve. If you are a lover of traditional Indie-Folk, then this is the album for you!

Click the Kiosk above to Purchase!

Click the Kiosk above to Purchase!

By Leila Mclachlan


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