Review: Paul Josephs and the Metrosonics’ Strong World


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If there’s one thing Paul Josephs and the Metrosonics’ Strong World isn’t, it’s your average background music self released indie album.  Several tracks stand out from this fresh and contemporary—yet at the same time still beholden to classic sounds—record.  From the smooth, bluesy “Mystics” to the reggae and brass laden “Heal Me,” Josephs makes his way from genre to genre establishing the eclectic nature of his writing and composition.  In one of the louder and in your face songs of the record, “Upstream,” Josephs blends a groovy rock feel and guitar solo with big band horns while weaving rap vocals in and out for a unique, catchy track you’ll want to play over and over.  An album easily appreciated by both casual listeners and musicians alike, Strong World demands the listener’s attention, curiosity and most of all, enjoyment.

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By John Venditti


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