Q&A with Planet Rump

You guys have such a unique style. How have you guys nurtured this over the years?

L: Being open to influences from anywhere. Between the two of us we have really eclectic taste. I’ll get down to anything with a dope beat.

D: The world I grew up in always seemed to leave something to be desired and I was always drawn to the maniacs who carved out their own scene and made something beautiful.

What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned as indie musicians?

D: You just gotta have a good attitude, make things you believe in. Keep doing your thang and making your best shit and people will pick up on how passionate you are about it.

L: Just have fun and do it from the heart. Don’t worry about the outcome.

Plante Rumps new album!

Tell us more about ‘Starchild’ and the video (bellow). (Full disclosure… my buddy and I made the video)

L: It’s a zoomed out perspective on society. The video does a great job of visualizing space and zooming out on us as individuals.

D: Starchild is a dance song about keeping it real. The video is real cool – it was shot in Brooklyn really early on a Sunday morning so it looks like we are the only people in the whole city.

Speaking of you the video… you guys have done something really interesting with your new album, Well Rounded. As I understand it you are releasing one song a month with a video. This is awesome! How did you come up with this idea?

D: Everybody’s doing cyberspace and they wanna see videos. So we made 9. We asked 9 different directors to each make a video for a song on our album, and are in the process of releasing 1 every month. You can watch the videos and download the tracks at planetrump.com.

Over the years peoples views on piracy have changed and it seems like right now peoples views are in flux more so then ever. What do you think about piracy? Is it good or bad for the indie musician?

D: It’s definitely bad for indie musicians on boats.

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