Fifth of Bourbon

Fifth of Bourbon

Fifth of Bourbon’s ‘Voodoo Woman’

Fifth of Bourbon’s ‘Voodoo Woman’ is a perfect album for a hot summer down south. Fifth of Bourbon brings some hot covers of some blues and rock n roll classics. There are some powerful, booming, but well controlled  vocals courtesy of lead singer Kathleen Fletcher that will get your heart restarted along with the electrified blues from the bass and guitar. The soloing electric keyboard brings that 70s sound reminiscent of bands such as The Doors. All these elements reinforce the classic electric blues genre while their playing gives it a clean modern twist such as with Whipping Post. This album is perfect for someone who just wants some rock satisfaction with all the guitar solos to start up your air guitar jamming. The album is an easy people pleaser and is promised to get your rock and blues juices flowing.

                                                                                                                               By Leila Mclachlan


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