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The Big Sleep

One of the most underappreciated albums released last year is that of Big Sleep’s “Nature Experiments”. The Big Sleep’s punk rock history in his past albums has evolved into the more refined and addicting hypnotic alt rock that is, appropriately titled, Nature Experiments. With standout songs like “Four Wishes” and “Valentine”, this album should have easily made its way onto some summer playlists. CMJ called the album ‘stylistically schizophrenic’ which is accurate given the contrast even in some of the most popular songs in the album. It does nothing more than peak curiosity into the potential that this band has in what they can create. They are able to create some badass rock without obliterating your ears with senseless drumming or lyrics, and “Four Wishes” is the perfect example of this. Give it a listen!

                                                                 By Leila Mclachlan





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