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– On the Bio page of your website you say ‘music is one of the most profound ways of relating empathy’ can you tell us more about your goals as musicians and what inspires you?

Our goal is to make music that others can relate to and enjoy. Music has always been an outlet where people can go to for comfort or solace. It’s a universal language that all can understand and find a sense of belonging to. What inspires us is mostly hardships and experiences that we want to communicate. Music is an art and it is always better to take your problems out in art rather than on another soul. As musicians we love playing music and to hear that others are taking a liking to what we do, it’s a very special feeling.

– What are some of the challenges you face as independent musicians? Do you think its a good time to be a musician?

Programmable Aniaml

2013 EP “Together”

Finding the right gigs to play is one of our challenges especially in a local scene. Certain genres tend to cultivate what’s popular in the area where our style contrasts from other local bands. In a local scene it can be hard to build a following but we have been fortunate with our online presence. Any time is a good time to be a musician as long as its what you love to do and all you think about. It may be hard to get a label or to make a living off of being a musician, but you have one life here so pursue what makes you happy.

– If the universe could play a single note what would it be? 

While discussing this question we sidetracked through topics such as electro magnetic physics, as well as its quantum counterpart, extra terrestrial life, and the meaning of life itself. After two hours of debate, we chose “F.”

– There are a lot of different views on the impact of piracy these days. Do you think it is helping or hurting the music industry?

It is definitely hurting musicians and the industry from an economical standpoint. However, in terms of exposure bands get more of it due to piracy. People download specific songs they like and share it to their friends who may have the same tastes in music. By doing this, the fans become the promoters through word-of-mouth. Musicians may not make much in CD sales anymore but they are performers and can make income through shows.

– What are the band’s plans for this year?

We have a lot planned involving the completion of our first album. We’re looking to have about ten songs on it. Once it is completed we’ll be playing a lot of shows and sharing it to as many people as we can online. Our hopes are to make a music video for one of the featured songs on the album as well. We’ll be putting a lot of work into it so we hope fans enjoy it.


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