Q&A with Ryan Dunlap from Fan Tan

Your recent album ‘A Strange Game’ is awesome! Congrats on an amazing accomplishment. Can you tell us more about the making of it and how it felt to get it out there?

Thanks! Its been quite a relief to finally get it out there. We’ve been touring and writing music for almost 5 years all without having a proper album under our belt, only singles or EPs, so it always felt like something was missing. We started making the album about 2 years ago, when we started tracking with Andrew Souder at Exit4Plan studio space in Bushwick and we ended up having Mike Sherburn, our dummer, mix it at his place. We were in the middle of mixing it when Goodnight Records came along and wanted to put the album out, which was great news for us because we knew with a good label behind it, the album would finally see the light of day. So, yeah its been a long time coming for sure.

The music industry is pretty complicated these days. What are some of the challenges facing independent musicians that you have come across?


Ryan mid set.

Yeah seriously. I think PR is one of the big hurdles to get past. We’ve worked with a couple in the past few years, and you never know what you’re going to get until you’ve got it, y’know? It can definitely have a huge impact on the size and scope of a bands exposure, probably the biggest I would say, yet you never quite know what’s going to “stick” as they say, and you have to constantly keep up on what’s going on with it and keep things current. Getting good PR is definitely one of the trickier things to come by I think.

What are your thoughts on Piracy? Do you see it as a good or bad thing for the music industry?

Hmmm, I think its bad for the bottom line of the big cats like Metallica and Warner Music, but it probably doesn’t have a huge impact on smaller independent band or labels. I mean I would definitely want a Fan-Tan track to go viral before we were to head out on tour. That would be awesome for us. Maybe not for a major label band. Also, since we released our LP on vinyl, you can’t really pirate that anyway, so if they want the vinyl quality, they have to buy it. Also, just in general, it puts more focus on the touring aspect of playing rather than album sales.

The music world seems to be getting more and more influenced by technology these days. What is your personal relationship with technology?

Well, our vinyl has a download card included with it. That’s a bit of technology that wasn’t there before. Also, since we recorded digitally, we were able to easily take what we tracked at one studio and have it mixed somewhere else without too much trouble. So I guess technology has been good to us. So far…

When you are playing live shows and look out into the audience what is your favorite thing to see?

Heads. Lots and lots of heads.


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