‘Don’t be evil’ is a start, but it’s kinda vague, isn’t it?

We’ve got way more than a slogan…  We’ve got a manifesto.  We’re open to other opinions, other value sets, and other ideas – but these, at the moment, are ours.  And if you think we’re in violation, let us know.

Censorship.  We do not believe in censorship – by design, by code, for political reasons or for ‘moral’ ones.  Uncensored does not mean unmoderated, however – and there’s no room here for content that violates federal laws.

Disintermediation. Hierarchies should be streamlined. The internet empowers us to speak more directly to one another, despite differences in culture, geography and language.  We created reKiosk to provide a fluid platform for simple and direct communication between creators, curators and patrons – and to create a more streamlined system of distribution with fewer middlemen.

Anonymity and a right to privacy.  There are plenty of places online to sell your personal data.  We believe that the ability to create anonymously is essential to the expression of new ideas.  While most of our default settings are optimized for sharing, there will always be clearly indicated tools for the anonymous exchange of creative pursuits.

Transparency.  We strive to be transparent in how we run our business, deal with creators and publishers, and allocate our (limited) resources.  If we can answer your question, we will.

DRM free. We disagree with adding extra code (and extra expense) to a file in order to reduce its usefulness. Imagine a distant future where our descendents look back and say, “man – it would be great to be able to read all the amazing books they wrote back then, but all their ebooks are locked down with some crazy, un-hackable code.  I wish they’d stuck with paper.”

Innovation under austerity.  Creativity is the R&D branch of the human experiment.  We’re not taking venture capital, and have no pressures to maximize profit at the expense of our values.  We’re not trying to squeeze every penny out of an idea; we’re trying to squeeze every idea out of each penny.

Creativity is sustainable.  You have enough refrigerators.  You probably don’t need another car.  But there’s always room in your life for more poetry.

Creativity is good; taste is subjective. I may not like every book I read, but I’m glad that they’re all out there.  More people being more creative is, inherently, a good thing.  The more we can encourage and remunerate people for creating more culture, the better a society we will be.

Curation by individuals, not by algorithms.  I’d rather trust the recommendation of a close friend than the most powerful computers running the most state-of-the-art data analysis.  We believe in small data, personal selection, and the taste of curators we’ve come to trust.

Those are the guidelines – but this is a discussion and you’re welcome to be a part of it.

/ The Management.

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